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We offer a full range of Pilates instructor training programs. Whether you are interested in teaching Mat classes, Reformer classes or Pilates personal training sessions on the Reformer, Trap Table, Chair, and Barrels, we have the resources you need to succeed.

The Balanced Body Pilates instructor training program at the EHS Pilates Institute is designed to create thoughtful, creative, and successful Pilates teachers. Our curriculum emphasizes the principles underlying each exercise. Our faculty members have a wide variety of Pilates backgrounds from classical to contemporary to fitness and bring their exceptional depth of experience to the training.

Our program is designed in modules so you can take your first course now and continue your training next week, next month, or next year. Each module is self-contained so you can take them as quickly or as slowly as your schedule and budget allow. In addition to our instructor certification program, we offer a number of additional modules as well as workshops. Three levels of certification are available: Mat, Reformer, and Comprehensive.

Download the Balanced Body Catalog here:

Comprehensive Training


Balanced Body Movement Principles-In Person or Online

January 20 - January 22, 2023

September 15 - September 17, 2023

The Balanced Body Movement Principles form the foundation of Balanced Body Education. They include the most important information on anatomy, assessment, biomechanics, and foundational exercises needed to become a successful …

Anatomy for Movement Professionals-Online

January 13 - January 28, 2023

Learn the structure and function of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments as well as the origin, insertion, and action of the major muscles of movement by building them yourself …

Balanced Body Mat I-In Person or Online

February 3 - February 5, 2023

September 22 - September 24, 2023

Mat I includes an introduction to the history and principles of Pilates, beginning and most intermediate level exercises with modifications, lectures on class order and programming in a group setting, …

Balanced Body Mat II-In Person or Online

February 17 - February 19, 2023

September 29 - October 1, 2023

Mat II includes the remaining intermediate and advanced level exercises as well as essential movement principles and training tips for advancing clients to the higher levels. Pilates for sports-specific activities …

Balanced Body Mat III

February 24 - February 26, 2023

October 6 - October 8, 2023

Mat 3 – Enhanced Pilates Mat completes the mat training by adding rings, rollers, bands, and balls to the traditional Mat exercises. In addition, Enhanced Mat includes functional exercises for …

Balanced Body Reformer I

March 3 - March 5, 2023

October 27 - October 29, 2023

Reformer I includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer, including set-up and safety, beginning exercises, program sequencing, and teaching tips for group classes. By the end of the course, you …

Balanced Body Reformer II

March 10 - March 12, 2023

November 3 - November 5, 2023

Reformer 2 includes intermediate exercises and modifications designed for group and individual instruction. Teaching successful classes and sessions to clients at different levels of ability is emphasized. Included are a …

Balanced Body Reformer III

March 17 - March 19, 2023

November 10 - November 12, 2023

Reformer 3 includes advanced exercises plus modifications for sports specific activities, tips for training the advanced client, and keys for advancing a client. Download Balanced Body Catalog here:

Balanced Body Cadillac

March 31 - April 2, 2023

Provides a thorough introduction to Trapeze Table and Tower exercises as well as applications for beginning, post-rehabilitation, and advanced clients. This training is appropriate for students working with the Allegro® …

Balanced Body Chair

April 15 - April 16, 2023

Includes exercises and variations for both the original Wunda chair and the split pedal Combo Chair. The chair is great for doing strengthening work with athletic clients and as an …

Balanced Body Barrels

April 21 - April 21, 2023

The BBU Barrels training includes exercises and variations for the Ladder Barrel, and Step Barrel. The Step Barrel and Ladder Barrel add variety to personal training sessions or classes. This …

Springboard-In Person

April 14 - April 14, 2023

Learn the Springboard and its expanded repertoire in the studio where it was created. EHS Pilates is home to the original Springboard studio, an innovative exercise tool invented by Ellie …

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