World Class Pilates Workshops & Continuing Education in San Francisco

Looking to advance your career or deepen your personal knowledge? Visit our beautiful City by the Bay where EHS has been providing Pilates-based workshops & continuing education for over 25 years.

Make a vacation of it!

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Public Workshops & Continuing Education


while Visiting San Francisco! 

Are you looking to supplement your personal movement practice? Are you plateauing in your teaching? Welcome to the Wonderful World of Workshops & Continuing Education! For 25 years, EHS has been providing Pilates-based education in San Francisco to movement practitioners of all levels and backgrounds. 

EHS Pilates presents a wide array of workshops that are available to the public, as well as Pilates instructors, therapists, and other movement professionals. Continuing Education is taken quite seriously at our studio, and in addition to our own incredible teachers, we seek to bring the most innovative and thought-provoking speakers currently practicing within the Pilates industry and beyond. 

The following are some amazing instructors who have been a part of our Continuing Education Program at EHS. They all have been movement practitioners for years and offer unique insights into the Pilates profession, as well as inciting new thought processes regarding the human body. 

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