“I’m happy to report that EHS is now offering additional classes. The teachers are still awesome, the folks at the desk are sweethearts, and I always look forward to coming to class. Check it out!”

Classes + Privates + Rehab

Group Classes 

EHS Pilates offers a wide range of group classes at all levels. In-person classes include: 

  • Mat 
  • Springboard 
  • Reformer 
  • Wunda Chair  
  • CoreAlign 
  • Pilates in the Park / Cardio Dance Fitness in the Park 
  • Active Aging 
  • Preggo Pilates  
  • Gyrokinesis  

Beginning classes are must for those new to Pilates. If you are brand new to the Pilates method, we highly recommend you invest in one-on-training with our Intro 3-pack. You will learn foundational exercises that you will build on as you move through the repertoire. Private sessions are the fastest way to bring you up to speed for group classes by learning the Pilates language and understanding your body. 

Mixed-level group classes are appropriate for those without injuries and with prior Pilates experience. As with all our mixed-level classes, appropriate variations and modifications will be taught by the instructor for each level.  

Intermediate/Advanced classes incorporate many advanced exercises with more complicated choreography. Classes move swiftly and the workouts are more intense.  Appropriate for seasoned Pilates students and other similar athletic backgrounds. 

Virtual classes are also offered throughout the schedule. Please check online for the latest classes. 

Cancellation Policy: 12-hour cancellation policy for all group classes. Due to safety concerns no one may enter a class after the 10 minute warm up.
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Private Instruction

Private training is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect the Pilates methods. Your EHS instructor will create an individualized program tailored to address your needs and goals. Private sessions are great for people new to Pilates or and those looking for the next challenge. Many of our group class clients also supplement their workouts with occasional privates to make sure they are working properly or to get deeper into the work.

EHS licenses with a wide range of instructors and has many session types to accommodate your diverse needs, budget, and schedule. With trainers who specialize in Rehabilitative Pilates, Pre & Post Natal Pilates, Pre & Post Surgery, Osteo Pilates, and Active Aging, as well as other specialties, EHS can match you with an instructor who is right for you.

Pilates-Based Rehabilitation

EHS specializes in Pilates-based rehabilitation—an excellent rehab system for your body—perfect when addressing knee, back, hip, shoulder, and repetitive stress injuries. We use a holistic approach to address the body’s imbalance and to treat the root of the problem while correcting asymmetries and chronic weaknesses to prevent re-injury and bring the body back into balance. We incorporate the teachings and work of Vladimir Janda, a Czech neurologist and psychiatrist, who dedicated the majority of his life to extensive clinical research on the pathogenesis and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

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