“I love pilates! Everyone at EHS, from the instructors to the people attending classes, have the same passion and it’s infectious. After trying about 8 different pilates studios I’ve found that EHS offers a great variety of classes with competitive prices and great instructors.”


We offer a variety of services and pricing to meet all our clients’ needs.
Please call the studio at 415-285-5808 to speak with a Pilates Advisor if you have
any questions about which trainer would best suit your needs.

Best Seller!
Monthly Memberships

Our best deal: Pilates Star Membership: 8 classes per month + 15% off Services: all Single Classes and Retail; 5% off Single Privates.

6 ClassesMonthly  Pilates Star: 8 Classes Monthly + 15% Off Single Classes / 5% Off Single Privates
$219($36.50 per session) $272($34 per session)

Class Drop-In & Package Pricing

Class Type Equipment No Equipment
Drop-In: $40 $28

Group Class Cards

5 Class Pack: $195 $135
10 Class Pack: $380 $260
5 cards: 3-month expiration, 10 cards: 6-month expiration. No refunds.

Private & Duet Session Pricing

5 Pack
$2 off each session
10 Pack
$5 off each session
Specialty Instructor $103/$73 $505/$355 $980/$680
Instructor $93/$63 $455/$305 $88o/$580
Expiration & Rules: Single sessions: 30-day expiration, 5 cards: 3-month expiration, 10 cards: 6-month expiration. No refunds.

New Clients Only
Private Intro 3-Pack

This package is one of our most popular. It is a great option for those who want to dive deeper into the fundamentals of Pilates. 30-day expiration. No refunds.

Trainer Level Intro 3 Pack
Foot & Gait Intake $330
Specialty Instructor $267
Instructor $237

Call (415) 285-5808 to speak to a Pilates Advisor and book your package today.