“If you really want to get your butt licked take a Wunda Chair class, you wont be able to laugh or cough for a few days!!”

Wunda Chair

Challenge your stability, strength, and flexibility. Though the basic design is simple, there are a myriad of exercises that can be performed on the Pilates Wunda chair. It is excellent for strengthening the core muscles, arms, and legs. Exercises are performed lying down, sitting, and standing on the chair, as well as from positions at the sides of the chair.

What is the Wunda Chair?

Like the Reformer, the Pilates Chair is another of Joseph Pilates’ resistance exercise machines. The Wunda chair is a box with one side that can be pressed down against the resistance of springs, like a large pedal. The pedal portion can also be divided into two parts that can be worked independently for more of a challenge.  

Wunda Chair Class Pricing

1 Class Drop-in 5 Class Pack (90-day expiration) 10 Class Pack (90-day expiration)
$35 $170 $330

Supersaver Card: 3 Class Pack with 15-day expiration $90


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