MOTR® combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight level resistances, giving you a challenging and incredibly diverse workout tool. Exercise categories include cardio, balance, functional training, mind-body, agility, strength training and more.

Developed by Pilates instructor and fitness enthusiast Darya Bronston, MOTR’s unique and innovative design allows you to work out in eight different body positions, and quickly switch resistance while targeting different areas. It is an excellent group exercise or personal training option. For studios it can enhance and complement your existing Pilates program!

With all the components stored within the core of the roller itself, you don’t need to worry about anything else! Small enough to carry over the shoulder, MOTR takes up very little space and can be set up/disassembled in a minute.

Exercise tracks include balance, core, agility, upper body, lower body, standing, plank and more. And use the MOTR tube for release work just like any foam roller. All MOTR components conveniently store inside the roller tube when not in use.

MOTR® includes a 1-year warranty.

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