Shannon McMurchy

Shannon McMurchy is a somatic educator (certified in Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, & Craniosacral therapy) based in San Francisco, CA, and has just returned from traveling and teaching in SE Asia. She has worked in the field of movement education and healing for over 20 years, in private practice and as a Pilates-based rehab specialist at the world-renowned Dancemedicine Clinic at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital (2002-2007). She has studied extensively with many SF Bay Area masters, including Jean Claude West, Mercy Sidbury, Lee Morgan, Nora St John, Manuso Manos, and Ramanand Patel. In addition to the afore-mentioned modalities, Shannon draws from influences such as postmodern dance, BodyMind Centering developmental movement studies, Aikido, and surfing.

Shannon completed Balanced Body’s CoreAlign I training in 2017, as well as Pilates on the CoreAlign, and Foot & Gait Mentorship levels I & II with Nancy Meyers. She also completed 150 hours of Yoga Therapeutics and Advanced Yoga Therapeutics with Harvey Deutsch, MPT. Shannon was a senior instructor and rehab specialist at Spring Pilates & Yoga for eight years, and also maintained a practice at Mission Creek Pilates for the past three years.

She is a passionate teacher and believes that mindfulness is “the cure for all evils”; in that spirit, she delights in helping people to develop a more mindful and informed engagement with their own bodies, and to find ease, empowerment, and joy in movement.

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