Dan Kobussen

Dan had his first introduction to Pilates back in 2004. Initially, he found that it was a great foundational practice that improved his tennis game. Several years later in 2012, Dan began to understand the life-long benefits regular Pilates practice provides to re-align broken posture, re-program incorrect movement patterns, and re-condition the body to perform optimally for any activity.

After years of sitting hunched over a keyboard and staring at a monitor, Dan’s back, shoulders, and neck had become rounded forward. He could no longer move his shoulder blades; his back muscles were in constant spasm; and one day he lost the use of his right arm to nerve pain. Pilates was instrumental to Dan’s recovery. Because he was inspired by the rehabilitative and transformational power of the practice, Dan became a Pilates instructor to help others achieve well-being in their everyday activities and recover from debilitating injuries.

A learner by nature, Dan is a certified Balance Body Pilates Instructor and is continually educating himself, having most recently studied Foot and Gait mechanics with master trainer Nancy Meyers. Dan also holds an MBA from the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business and a BA from Northwestern University.

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