Esha Bandyopadhyay Dash

Esha Bandyopadhyay Dash is a fully certified Balanced Body University Pilates instructor, and has received additional training in Ellie Herman Pilates, both at EHS Pilates and at Ellie Herman’s former studio in Oakland. Soon after she began teaching at EHS, Esha began receiving 5-star Yelp reviews. Her private and group clients appreciate her precise attention to detail, her ability to quickly identify and effectively address weakness in the body, and the energy and momentum she brings to the studio.

Esha’s passion for Pilates stems from her background as a dancer. Esha has been studying, performing, and teaching Odissi dance, one of eight forms of Indian classical dance, in various capacities since 1986. Her experience gives her significant insight into various types of injuries, and thereby allows her to serve her clients with a high level of attention to, and understanding of, any concerns and/or goals they may have.

Prior to deciding to pursue dance & Pilates full-time, Esha was a Patent Litigation Partner at the 1500-attorney law firm of Kirkland & Ellis. She now utilizes her intellectual ability toward thoughtful consideration and understanding of the Pilates repertoire and how it impacts the human body. To this end, she is interested not only in teaching Pilates, but in researching the method as a form of rehabilitation for dance and other sports-related injuries.

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