Megan Gulbahce

Megan’s personal Pilates journey began three years ago, and she has been teaching Pilates since May 2017.

It all began with a knee injury while running and her doctor recommended Pilates as a way of to build strength, correct alignment, and to help with pain management from a genetic hip disorder. She fell in love after her first session, and never looked back!

Megan received Balanced Body University (BBU) training here at EHS, graduating to our Apprentice program shortly after completing her training and to a Level 1 instructor in the Fall. Her professional background prior to joining the Pilates community includes Education and Retail, which helped hone her skills in public speaking, training, and instruction.

She enjoys working with clients who are new to or rediscovering Pilates, ensuring they have the foundational knowledge to be successful throughout their journey. Megan believes that Pilates is for everyone and works hard to ensure each client has a clear understanding of the repertoire through direct and concise cueing. She strives to make each session challenging, yet achievable.

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