Moana Luna

Moana Luna

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals.” — Joseph Pilates

Moana began exercising to battle stress while attending graduate school at SFSU. After graduating with a degree in counseling, she worked in the mental health field and continued to practice yoga, boxing, weight training, and Pilates. She completed the Pilates Teacher Training Program with Ellie Herman in 2007.

Relevant training and continuing education includes Buff Bones® Instructor Training; ACE personal training certification;Foot and Gait Therapy Mentorship Program with Nancy Myers; CoreAlign Teacher Training; Balanced Body University (BBU); Pilates Rehabilitation Intensive with Lizz Roman; Preggo Pilates Workshops with Stephanie Forster; Pelvic Power seminar with Eric Franklin; Exercise as a Cure for Anxiety & Depression Seminar (Orinda College); and ACE Personal Training Certification.

She enjoys working with a diverse group of clients and providing a fun total body workout that incorporates Pilates principles such as coordination, concentration, and alignment. She is especially interested in the positive impact of exercise on her clients’ mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Carrie Ferguson

Carrie Ferguson

Carrie Ferguson was introduced to the Pilates method after dealing with acute low back pain and tight shoulders, weak stiff neck – a result from long, grueling hours in front of a computer day in and day out as a graphic designer.

After a year of strengthening deep core muscles, fine-tuning alignment and posture, staying centered, Carrie knew it was time to follow a new path of self-care and teach others from her experience.

Within a year Carrie left the corporate world to pursue and her passion for Pilates. She started her Apprentice training in 2011 and, a couple of years later became a fully certified instructor! This was the best choice she has ever made! She’s so much happier and healthier now in her 40s than she was in her 20s.

Carrie’s students often reach that “ah-ha” moment, where they understand and feel the correct muscle group engaging and it’s that moment that they take from their sessions and apply to their daily living patterns, so they may move through life pain-free.

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