Victoria Drake

Victoria Drake had an extensive background in movement prior to getting her Pilates certification through Balanced Body. She also teaches belly dance and has developed BELLATES, a fusion of Belly Dance + Pilates, but her joy of movement started when she learned to figure skate as child, she then went on to compete and later coached competitive figure skaters.

While each discipline is unique, understanding how to teach movement and connect to clients is universal. While she works with all clients and their individual goals she has a focus in sports performance, has trained in the Preggo Pilates pre-post natal program, as well as Foot & Gait. She motivates her clientele by creating an environment that makes learning challenging skills accessible and fun,
acknowledging the milestones along the way and how they unfold into the next steps forward. She became interested in Pilates through figure skating and belly dance, seeing how this practice could help support and connect to other movement patterns. It has helped her recover from having two children, rehab through injury, and is part of her daily practice to strive for better balance and alignment. She has been amazed to see the progress her clients have made in their Pilates practice and appreciates the way that Pilates can be modified and adapted for each individual, customizing on an as needed basis.

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