Caleb Rhodes

In 2004, Caleb joined Ellie Herman’s Teacher Training Insructor Program (TTIP) where he taught students to teach the Ellie Herman approach to Pilates.

In May 2007, Caleb started his own teacher training and taught the Ellie Herman approach to student trainers as well as his own approach he has developed over the years.

In August 2010, he learned the CoreAlign method of training, an apparatus and technique developed by Jonathan Hoffman. From 2005-2012, Caleb was owner/operator of Peahi Studio in Maui Hawaii.

He is thrilled to be back in SF to continue sharing his passion and knowledge of movement. Caleb specializes in postural alignment, muscular balancing, injury prevention and recovery. Caleb is also a member of the EHS Pilates Institute and Balanced Body faculty, and is excited to share his knowledge with the next generation of teachers.

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