Pilates teacher training Immersion pre-requisite starting Oct. 9th at EHS

Tower-GroupBoot Camp Immersion
Learn to do Pilates like a Pro!

    * Perfect for intermediate & and advanced students
    * Ideal for Mon thru Fri work schedules
    * 6 Weeks (one private a week + Friday night group workout 5:30 – 7:30pm + Saturdays 1-4pm)
    * Starts October 9, 2009
    * $1350

Gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates Method!  Highly physical conditioning body challenge. See your body change in six weeks!




Pilates Teacher Training at EHS Pilates, see what our students are saying!

I participated in the EHS Pilates bootcamp/immersion prior to beginning my

Balanced Body University Pilates certification. It was an amazing

experience that I highly recommend to anyone that is considering a Pilates

certification or who simply wants to deepen their practice. During the 6

week immersion I noticed significant changes in my strength, flexibility and

body balance. I was able to go deeper into my Pilates work than I ever had

before and once the certification process started I felt I was much better

prepared than students that did not participate in the immersion. I firmly

believe it was one of the best things I have done for my body and I plan on

going through it again to continue deepening my knowledge and understanding

of the Pilates method and how it applies to my body.