Functional Anatomy with Clay in Hawaii and coming soon to EHS in San Francisco

After wrapping up a wonderful Functional Anatomy with Clay course in Hawaii at Caleb Rhodes studio in Maui this weekend, Christopher Nelson is making his way back to San Francisco to prepare for the next Functional Anatomy with Clay course at EHS starting on January 15th in preparation for the BBU full comprehensive teacher training, while also passing out Massage Services Coupons to new attendees, beginning on the 22nd.

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caleb in the studiomaui from the hillsJoin EHS faculty for future trainings in Maui!

Pilates teacher training Immersion pre-requisite starting Oct. 9th at EHS

Tower-GroupBoot Camp Immersion
Learn to do Pilates like a Pro!

    * Perfect for intermediate & and advanced students
    * Ideal for Mon thru Fri work schedules
    * 6 Weeks (one private a week + Friday night group workout 5:30 – 7:30pm + Saturdays 1-4pm)
    * Starts October 9, 2009
    * $1350

Gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates Method!  Highly physical conditioning body challenge. See your body change in six weeks!

Pilates Teacher Training at EHS Pilates, see what our students are saying!

I participated in the EHS Pilates bootcamp/immersion prior to beginning my

Balanced Body University Pilates certification. It was an amazing

experience that I highly recommend to anyone that is considering a Pilates

certification or who simply wants to deepen their practice. During the 6

week immersion I noticed significant changes in my strength, flexibility and

body balance. I was able to go deeper into my Pilates work than I ever had

before and once the certification process started I felt I was much better

prepared than students that did not participate in the immersion. I firmly

believe it was one of the best things I have done for my body and I plan on

going through it again to continue deepening my knowledge and understanding

of the Pilates method and how it applies to my body.