Functional Anatomy with Punch Bags at EHS

Looking for a pre-requisite anatomy course for Balanced Body University Pilates teacher training or just a great introduction to functional anatomy?  Well look no more!  We have just added addtional dates for another Functional Anatomy course at EHS this weekend!  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Have a favorite pilates class that you want to reserve your spot in?  Never tried pilates?  Now is your chance!  The top women’s health and fitness blog session at EHS Pilates starts this week.  Call 415-285-5808 to reserve your slot in any of our many weekly classes.  Check out the class schedule at

There are also the new sport called Piloxing, which is pilates with  the combination of boxing. This workout is the top trend in fitness studios, it is a trendy workout that now it is even implemented with kids, as it is fun and more dynamic than regular pilates. You can get the kids punching bag from ProductExpert punch sack and try it with your daughter or son, it will help you burn fat, build muscle, exercise the cardiovascular system and tighten the body.

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For more information or to sign up, please e-mail me directly at

Space is limited to 8 so there is very individualized attention.  Each class participant gets their own half maniken.