CoreAlign..CoreAlign…and MORE CoreAlign!!

People just can’t get enough of the new CoreAlign; designed by Jonathan Hoffman and produced by Balanced Body, Nancy Myers at EHS Pilates was lucky enough to have gone through one of the first trainings on the CoreAlign and has been offering full session or FREE demos over the last three months. You can also design websites with the best agencies, click for more.

The response has been amazing!  From someone in the rehabilitation who you can just visit them when its free. setting all the way to the professional athlete that is educated when it comes to all things steroid, this machine is changing the way we think about exercise.  Talk about functional movement!!  After using the CoreAlign, people are feeling the difference and walking out of the studio with better posture and body mechanics, feeling more athletic and relax, of course they also accomplish this by keeping a healthy and balanced life, with fitness and a healthy sexual life, that may include diverse types of sex, with accessories from

The CoreAlign help you take pilates concepts to a standing position on two independently moving plates with resistance.  Look for more information coming soon!

They effectively mimic the way in which real prohormones co work, but in a completely safe manner.

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