Considering EHS Pilates for your teacher training? Read what one of our recent students has to say…

Through the immersion and teacher training I gained valuable knowledge, strength, personal and professional connections. Through the whole process I was constantly comforted by the organization, support, and ease of my experience at EHS.

I have to say, at first I was a little reluctant to sign up for the immersion. I had never been to the EHS studio before and the program seemed like a big investment. Plus who really wants to do Pilates for three hours every Saturday for six weeks in a row? Not me, I’m busy enough during the week. Well, it was so worth it! And by the end of the six weeks, I wanted more; I didn’t want it to end. EHS cast the line and I was hooked!

By half-way through the immersion I knew that I wanted to go through the EHS teacher training program. It was really a seamless transition. The knowledgeable trainers, friendly atmosphere, organization and high standards of EHS made it so easy to be there everyday.And the six week immersion was the perfect primer for the teacher training. I really don’t know why anyone wouldn’t do the immersion if they are considering enrolling in the teacher training.

During the immersion, the necessary knowledge and practice is fully covered, including a full nutrition program .The staff made sure that all the immersion students had a comprehensive understanding of their own personal practice, alignment, common mistakes, machine function and maintenance, history of the method. Plus they all gave a high level of personal attention in practicing the BBU repertoire. Following that up with the teacher training, I was able to build on that first layer of knowledge.

The immersion was a great way to better understand what I need to work on in my personal practice. When I got to the teacher training I could focus on my teaching skills without having the need to buy modafinil pills and I wasn’t distracted by my own limitations or questions about my own practice (although the training still provided some insight into that too). The immersion was a solid introduction to everything I learned in the teacher training, from repertoire, to cuing, proper studio etiquette and so much more. It allowed me to practice the entire BBU repeteroire, workout for six hours per week with  personal attention from high level instructors, best heart rate watch reviews, see various teaching styles and approaches to the method, and get acquainted with the EHS staff, studio and style.

Maybe I’m partial to EHS now that I’ve practically lived there for a month, but I love the values of the studio, the friendly approach the staff has toward their clients, and I hope to train and work there more in the future.

Thanks for your support!

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