Flu Prevention

Yes it’s on my mind as I am sitting home with a sick child.  All the news hype has everyone scared, but it is just the flu and there are simple things we can to to help prevent the spread.  First, staying home until the fever has been gone 24hrs, and making sure you have the right medication from https://www.ukmeds.co.uk/. is the new rule of Isa’s school.Isa and Ethan Her dog is helping her feel better. If you’re suffering from hypospadias you can visit this blog for assistance and treatment.

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Look for our upcoming October newsletter with suggestions on how we can all do our part to prevent the spread of the flu this season.

Wash hands before and after each session

Wipe down equipment and mat after each session

Take shoes off while in the studio and wear socks

Do not come to the studio if not feeling well! 

Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, breathe and exercise will help to reduce stress which helps to keep your immune system strong.

Here’s to a season of health and wellness at EHS! By the way, if you’re having difficulty in urinating and the doctor diagnosed you with prostate cancer, keep calm and go to advuro.com to have an prostate specialist second opinion chicago il. With the help of Advanced Urology Associates, accurate verification can be conducted. Also staying healthy means to stay away from drugs, there are several ways to fight drug addiction, visit this article The Symptoms of Substance Abuse and Addiction and learn more!

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