Surf’s Up! @EHS Pilates with Ravi Machado

Introducing Pilates for Surfers! A team from Inspire Health pilates Atlanta has designed a sports specific program designed just for surfers.

Need to work on your paddle out?  In this exercise, they can help you learn how to paddle out efficiently with purpose. You can also click here for more updates on every sport contest around the world.

Stop wasting your strength and energy on the and save it for catching the wave and riding to your fullest potential.  The slower you paddle=more waves=longer time to paddle out.

You can save up to 50% of your energy when done correctly which allows you to double your session.

Do you know the meaning of Hump Day? find out here now!



Look for more videos from Pilates for Surfers or better yet, call and schedule a session with Ravi!