Pilates teacher training Immersion pre-requisite starting Oct. 9th at EHS

Tower-GroupBoot Camp Immersion
Learn to do Pilates like a Pro!

    * Perfect for intermediate & and advanced students
    * Ideal for Mon thru Fri work schedules
    * 6 Weeks (one private a week + Friday night group workout 5:30 – 7:30pm + Saturdays 1-4pm)
    * Starts October 9, 2009
    * $1350

Gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates Method!  Highly physical conditioning body challenge. See your body change in six weeks!




Pilates Teacher Training at EHS Pilates, see what our students are saying!

I participated in the EHS Pilates bootcamp/immersion prior to beginning my

Balanced Body University Pilates certification. It was an amazing

experience that I highly recommend to anyone that is considering a Pilates

certification or who simply wants to deepen their practice. During the 6

week immersion I noticed significant changes in my strength, flexibility and

body balance. I was able to go deeper into my Pilates work than I ever had

before and once the certification process started I felt I was much better

prepared than students that did not participate in the immersion. I firmly

believe it was one of the best things I have done for my body and I plan on

going through it again to continue deepening my knowledge and understanding

of the Pilates method and how it applies to my body.


Considering EHS Pilates for your teacher training? Read what one of our recent students has to say…

Through the immersion and teacher training I gained valuable knowledge, strength, personal and professional connections. Through the whole process I was constantly comforted by the organization, support, and ease of my experience at EHS.

I have to say, at first I was a little reluctant to sign up for the immersion. I had never been to the EHS studio before and the program seemed like a big investment. Plus who really wants to do Pilates for three hours every Saturday for six weeks in a row? Not me, I’m busy enough during the week. Well, it was so worth it! And by the end of the six weeks, I wanted more; I didn’t want it to end. EHS cast the line and I was hooked!

By half-way through the immersion I knew that I wanted to go through the EHS teacher training program. It was really a seamless transition. The knowledgeable trainers, friendly atmosphere, organization and high standards of EHS made it so easy to be there everyday.And the six week immersion was the perfect primer for the teacher training. I really don’t know why anyone wouldn’t do the immersion if they are considering enrolling in the teacher training.

During the immersion, the necessary knowledge and practice is fully covered, including a full nutrition program .The staff made sure that all the immersion students had a comprehensive understanding of their own personal practice, alignment, common mistakes, machine function and maintenance, history of the method. Plus they all gave a high level of personal attention in practicing the BBU repertoire. Following that up with the teacher training, I was able to build on that first layer of knowledge.

The immersion was a great way to better understand what I need to work on in my personal practice. When I got to the teacher training I could focus on my teaching skills without having the need to buy modafinil pills and I wasn’t distracted by my own limitations or questions about my own practice (although the training still provided some insight into that too). The immersion was a solid introduction to everything I learned in the teacher training, from repertoire, to cuing, proper studio etiquette and so much more. It allowed me to practice the entire BBU repeteroire, workout for six hours per week with  personal attention from high level instructors, best heart rate watch reviews, see various teaching styles and approaches to the method, and get acquainted with the EHS staff, studio and style.

Maybe I’m partial to EHS now that I’ve practically lived there for a month, but I love the values of the studio, the friendly approach the staff has toward their clients, and I hope to train and work there more in the future.

Thanks for your support!

All the best,


visit www.ehspilates.com for more information

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Wash hands before and after each session

Wipe down equipment and mat after each session

Take shoes off while in the studio and wear socks

Do not come to the studio if not feeling well! 

Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, breathe and exercise will help to reduce stress which helps to keep your immune system strong.

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San Francisco Pilates Immersion Boot Camp Pre-requisite to Teacher Training starting October 9th at EHS Pilates!

Chair-Group-InstructionThe EHS Pilates Institute Immersion Boot Camp is starting October 9th!  This is the recommended pre-requisite program for the upcoming January BBU Teacher Training Program.

If you’re interested in becoming a Pilates Instructor, this is where you start!

Visit www.ehspilates.com and www.pilates.com for more information.

E-mail me directly with questions at nancy@ehspilates.com

BBU Pilates teacher training at EHS Pilates in San Francisco

StepBarrel-GroupDates are set for our upcoming Balanced Body University teacher training at EHS Pilates. If you or anyone you know is interested in a career in pilates, this is where you start!  The next comprehensive training starts January 22, 2010.

There are two recommended pre-requisite programs, the Immersion and Functional Anatomy with Clay.  The Immersion is a six week program starting October 9th on Fridays 5:30-7:30, Saturdays 1-4pm and one private session per week for six weeks.  The Functional Anatomy with Clay will be held twice before the teacher training starts in January; November 20-22 and again January15-17.   7-9pm on Friday and 1-7 on Saturday and Sunday.

Please visit our website for more information www.ehspilates.com and visit www.pilates.com for more information on the Balanced Body University program

Comments from a new pilates apprentice teacher about EHS..

Let me introduce you to Geoff, he’s one of our brand new apprentice’s at Sebastopol Pilates Collective (he just tested for apprentice today!  Congrats Geoff) and they are lucky to have him.  Geoff is the kind of student that makes me so excited to share this work.  He is an extremely dedicated student, attentive,  smart and hungry for more.  He is going to be an amzaing instructor.

Some words from Geoff about his EHS experience….

“Also I’ve been meaning to tell you what an wonderful experience it was to take both the Eric Franklin/Tom McCook workshop and the BBU Barrel module with Elizabeth Larkam last month. I have been integrating the work I did with all three of these amazing teachers into my lessons and feel like my own teaching has shifted to a deeper more profound level as a result. I truly love how your studio offers these special opportunities to us “student teachers”. The progress that I have made over the past year since I first enrolled in the immersion course has been so rewarding, I look forward to the rest of the journey.”

Thanks for all your support, hope to see you soon, Geoff

CoreAlign appointments filling fast!

corealign photo of jonathanIf you haven’t had a chance to check out the newest addition to EHS Pilates, shoot me an e-mail and set up a FREE 1/2 intro to CoreAlign (nancy@ehspilates.com).  It takes Pilates to standing and beyond and requires no previous Pilates experience, open to all levels.  “This method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular sport for a healthy lifestyle.”  -BBU

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As we know from the history of Pilates, Joseph was an innovator. He was constantly thinking up new ideas for better health, and thinking of new equipment and props to benefit each individual he worked with.

I believe Jonathan Hoffman, inventor of the new CoreAlign ( www.hoffmanconcept.com) fits right in to that legacy and Balanced Body (http://bbu.pilates.com/partnerprogram/corealign/corealign.aspx), the leader in Pilates equipment, has made it a reality.  Full production of the CoreAlign is due out in February, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the new CoreAlign NOW!

We’re into our third week of using the CoreAlign at EHS and our clients and trainers are hooked!  Either as a supplement to the core pilates work, or as a stand up paddle boards session, people are noticing the benefits and loving it!  We’re hearing everything from decreased pain, improvement in balance, weight loss, to improved sports performance, dr boler has helped a lot with reducing my pain.

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