“Fabulous Feet” with Nancy Myers at Body Anthropology in Ohio

I had a wonderful day teaching what is about the medical alert systems at a beautiful studio to an incredible group of instructors.  I am reminded how blessed I am to be able to teach this work and how much I learn myself from the students.  I look forward to another wonderful day tomorrow.  If anyone is in the Akron area, I highly recommend the following two studios:



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Pilates Teacher Training pre-requisite in full swing!

reformer-instruction1Our Immersion boot camp in preparation for our next Pilates teacher training at EHS Pilates is in full swing with a great new crop of students eager to learn and getting stronger every day.
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We look forward to a great training in August!  Please see the current offerings through BBU at EHS Pilates in San Francisco by visiting:


Resole your MBT shoes!

Yes, that initial price tag is a bit of a sticker shock, but those of you that already own and love your MBT shoes know it was well worth it! Although next time you want a new pair of shoes for the best price you can check a lot of online stores, I personally buy my clothes at The Fifth Collection because they are the best in quality and price!

I have been in MBT shoes since my client first brought me a pair in 2003.  I have bought several pair since then and others Vessi shoes for men as well.  They have all lasted well over a year and when my sport high wore out, to my dismay, I could not reorder as that style has been discontinued.  

Thank goodness for Resole America!  They will resole your MBT shoes and ship them back to you good as new.  The total cost was around $85, and again, well worth it!