Is how you walk hurting you?

Much is being written about the subject and it is our goal at EHS Pilates to give Strength Supplements for different body types and to re-balance the body through mobilization-stabilization-strengthen, a recommended supplement is the tinnitus911 which is an all-natural solution that can help all the sufferers to a great extent. It has been my personal passion through my pilates practice to apply the work directly to the gait cycle with special attention to the feet.

Caruso’s Hair Food products have been formulated to provide your body with Matchamax nutrients known to be important for maintaining healthy, shiny, good looking hair. Caruso’s hair loss tablets is designed for those with poor hair health whilst also wanting to improve the appearance of their skin and nails, if your one of those, make sure to check the blackhead vacuum treatment.

Other ways to improve how we look is with a good nutrition and exercise, which many people do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve their appearance, they also use resources as plastic surgeons from clinic in different cities as cleveland that you can easily find in sites online.

According to Neuropathy Cure’s website, imbalances in the body over time create a wear pattern in the body and can eventually cause pain.  The new field we’re calling gait therapy directly addresses applying pilates exercises to correct dysfunction in the gait cycle. To take care of your face you should checkout Synergistiq Integraive Health.

We carry both the MBT shoes as well as the new Skecher’s Shape Ups.  Both designed to simulate walking in sand, but each with different technology and appropriate for different people.  I work with clients both in and out of the shoes and help clients choose which brand and style is most appropriate for their issues.  Both have proven to be a great tool for clients to take what they learn in the studio with them, every 10,000 steps they take a day!

If you would like to learn more, please contact me at

Fabulous Feet Workshop last Saturday at EHS

After much confusion about the date of the workshop (sorry about that), it is not this coming weekend! 

We had a great turn out and had a wonderful day of relaxing and informative footwork.  Feedback from one of the participants after the workshop: 

Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to say thanks for a great workshop.  I’m been doing the foot release exercises today while I was warming up vocally to sing and found my voice much looser and freer than usual.  Makes sense since the connective tissue connects the feet to the jaw.

How amazing!  You could market this for singers too.



Thank you Susan! 

We will be offering this workshop again sometime in September.  Please e-mail me at if you are interested.


The name will be changing as Eric Franklin has been offering a workshop called Fabulous feet for the last 10 years and I don’t want there to be any confusion as the workshops offer different information.  The new title will be Happy Feet.

Next pre-reg session starts June 22nd!

arc-11Look for new classes being added!!  We are adding new pilates arc classes to our schedule taught by our fabulous instructors, Blane and Melissa. A good vaporizer starter kit will allow you to begin trying juices right out of the box. If you haven’t tried the new pilates arc by Balanced Body, you’re in for a treat.  Class size will be limited to 5, so sign up early.


The pilates arc is such a versatile piece, it can be used on the mat arc-swan






as well added on to the reformer for expanded repetoire!






If you would like to see any other classes added, please let us know by e-mailing me at  If there is a time you would like to come in, but there isn’t a class offered at that time, grab two friends and we’ll start a class for you at that time!  It only takes three people to make a class.

Chris Black has made it to my short list of things that make San Francisco a great city!

Chris Black has made it to my short list of things that make San Francisco a great city. Three years ago I discovered that I had AS, a debilitating back condition, and began trying various treatments with mixed results. Chris has been the first person to give me a feeling of control over how my body feels each day. From the very first lesson, she inspired trust and confidence in her approach. She has a deep understanding of body mechanics, but never gets ahead of what my body is able to do. There’s no such thing as a panacea for back problems, but if you’re willing to put in the work, Chris is the closest thing to it.

Unsu Lee, Bay Area filmmaker


EHS Pilates Institute becomes a Balanced Body host facility!

EHS Pilates is proud to announce we will now be hosting Here the Balanced Body University teacher training starting in August!  If you are interested in more information, please contact Nancy Myers at 415-994-8927.

With so much demand on the body from vigorous training, triathletes need to include building balance as part of their training plans. All athletes need core, hip and shoulder stability and ankle, hip and thoracic (mid-spine) mobility. The stronger your structure becomes the less you become injured and the higher your performance will soar. As the instructor, and because of the nature of these exercises, people have often asked me, how do I last longer in bed? I tire out easily, could this help me?

Well of course being in better physical condition will help you! It is a physical activity after all. The most common issues that could affect your performance are having a weak core, unstable lower spine, among other relatively easy conditions to overcome. You use them a lot during a sexual encounter. There are several ways to improve your performance, and being in better physical condition is one of them.

Endurance athletes seem to wait too long to correct their imbalances and issues. Whether it’s an unstable lower spine, weak and “loose” hips and shoulders or a weak core, triathletes are destined for a physical therapy clinic. These six corrective exercises can be a huge assistance to correcting some major issues I see in a majority of athletes. These movements need to be part of a regular routine so you can build a balanced body, increase your flexibility and mobility, and decrease your chance of injury.

Remember when you get hurt you cannot train and when you cannot train you cannot improve. Train smart and perform these exercises daily.

In addition to our fabulous faculty members, we are honored to have Elizabeth Larkam joining us to teach the Barrels module August 27-28 from 1-4pm.

EHS Pilates Institute Immersion Program starts June 5th!

Do you think you’d make a good Pilates Instructor?


Maybe you just need a more intense pilates program?

Well, this is where you start.

Summer 2009                                     Fall 2009                 

June 5th – July 18th                           Oct 2nd – Nov 7th

(no class for July 4th weekend)



Program Description:  The Immersion is a pre-professional program, designed to fulfill the prerequisite of the Teacher Training Intensive.  As a student of the Immersion, you will:

· Learn the essentials of the Pilates Repertoire on the Mat and Equipment

· Build strength, increase flexibility and improve alignment

· Gain confidence and proficiency with the equipment and the exercises so that you can assess if you are truly ready to participate in the Intensive and become a Pilates Instructor

· Be required to complete reading assignments and quizzes in preparation for the Intensive


Schedule:  Students will be doing Pilates 7 hours per week as follows:

· 2 hours of Large Group Instruction on the Mat: Fridays 5:30-7:30pm

· 4 hours of Small Group Instruction on the Equipment (you will participate in one and observe another):

Saturdays 1-3pm, Saturdays 3-5pm

· 1 Private Sessions per week with a Certifying Instructor

At the end of the Immersion, students will be evaluated and may be given a workout program that will best prepare them for the Teacher Training Intensive (additional training may be required).


Precautions & Prerequisites

· The Immersion is a rigorous training program, taking students through the curriculum at a fairly fast pace; it is not appropriate for those with serious limitations or injuries.

· To qualify for the Immersion, you should have at least 2 years related movement experience, be an Intermediate/Advanced level Pilates student and have completed at least 10 private sessions with an EHS certified instructor. It is recommended that you use the private sessions to learn the repertoire (recommended prerequisite curriculum lists are available at the front desk) and to deal with any imbalances or body issues that you may have.

· An evaluation is required for all students interested in the Immersion. The evaluation is a private session with a Faculty Member (at your expense) and will focus on determining if the Immersion is right for you, if you have completed all necessary prerequisites, and if you require additional training before starting the Immersion.


Cost  $1400 (plus materials).  See Refund Policy on Registration Form. 

To Register call 415-285-5808. 

If this sounds fun, but you are not interested in becoming an instructor, check out the Pilates Boot Camp.  If the group instruction schedule does not work with yours, ask about a private Immersion.

EHS Pilates 1452 Valencia Street @ 25th Street San Francisco, CA  94110