United Pilates Collective Meeting Saturday, April 25, 2009 at SF Bay Club with Elizabeth Larkam

The blog on the UPC site is down at the moment, so I have been posting blogs for the UPC on the EHS site for the time being.  Thank you to all that attended last Saturday’s meeting and thank you to Elizabeth Larkam for hosting.

After a wonderful allegro class with Elizabeth, I started the meeting by saying a few words about the ups and downs of our profession and the clarity I have gained over the last few months; of where we would like to go with the UPC and what we hope to achieve.

Then the committee leaders had a chance to weigh in and report their hopes and goals for the upcoming months.  Committees will be listing testing often for chlamydia upcoming meetings and we will have a contact list for those of you wanting to join one of the UPC committees, make sure to read this review of POZ personals so that if you have any questions you ask them during the meeting. The time and date of our meeting will be posted soon so you can purchase tickets. If you want cheap tickets to other events, then get them with this seatgeek promo code.

Lastly, Tracey presented our current member benefits, one of upmost interest was Health Insurance, Greg, our insurance broker was on hand to answer questions.

The website still needs work, but we have officially launched the UPC Bay Area Chapter!  We are very excited about the possibilities and hope you’ll join us and see just what we can accomplish together.


Official Launch of the United Pilates Collective tonight!

This is our “official” launch of the United Pilates Collective!

Tonight at SF Bay Club 5:30-7:30pm.

Tracey will be presenting the current member benefits package.


Over the last two months I’ve had the chance to experience the best and worst of our profession. Best meaning amazing instructors, presentations, knowledge sharing, and peer support.  Watching people grow within their chosen profession and talking to people who still have the same passion they did when they began.


I know that I have grown in leaps and bound from the initial UPC meeting to where I am today.


I am disappointed that the industry is feeling the stress of the economy as we lose trainers and ultimately, clients. This stress has also resulted in many things said on blogs and to each other, all over the country.  Now–more than ever–is a time to organize, support and respect; not isolate, criticize and wallow in negativity!


The Pilates Method is life changing and we certainly have a passionate group; no matter where you studied it and what enhancements you’ve brought to it, we are all here to make someone feel better. At a recent conference, I watched an exhausted Marie Jose on her way to relax, then turn around to help a client but before she did, she said to me, “I’m going to go make someone feel better now.”  Isn’t that what it’s all about??  Isn’t that what we’re striving for? A better body for a better world.


I recently read a note from the Fletcher school where Kira Sabin quoted: “. . . the good news is that there is a projected 27% growth in employment in our industry in the next few years, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.”

So we ARE in the right place at the right time, and we’re poised to soar in the years to come!”–Kira Sabin


Together, we can be a part of that growth and advancing the industry in a positive direction.



Friday, July 10 OR Saturday, July 11 at EHS

September meeting to be held back at the SF Bay Club with Elizabeth Larkam.

Speaker John Ferguson, an MD endocrinologist whose specialty is osteoporosis will present.

Words from Lolita San Miguel about Pilates Day for PMA members only…

lolita-madrid-pilates-day-2007-articlePilates Day – Not the PMA’s

MARCH 13, 2009 – Lolita San Miguel, Pilates PMA Elder and one of two persons officially certified by Joseph and Clara Pilates to teach The Method, today expressed her disappointment with the position taken by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) to make “Pilates Day,” which is to be held on May 2, an exclusive PMA celebration.

“Joe does not belong to the PMA alone, he belongs to the world,” Ms San Miguel said. “I fought alongside many others to take Pilates out of the hands of a few people who said they owned the Pilates name and everything connected with Pilates, and we were successful. I will continue to oppose any attempt to make Pilates the exclusive property of anybody or any organization”.

“The PMA should be praised for its continued efforts to establish high standards of quality in the teaching of Pilates and in the certification of Pilates instructors. Obviously its success depends on its openness and willingness to attract as many Pilates professionals as possible and convince them that the PMA’s mission is absolutely necessary for the good of the Pilates industry. Its collateral operational efforts carry great merit. Nevertheless, trumpeting ‘Pilates Day’ as the exclusive trademarked property of the PMA is the wrong way of going about it and furthermore impossible to enforce.”

“I dream of a ‘Pilates Day,” she continued, “where millions around the world will perform The Hundred in stadiums, studios, gyms, plazas, etc., resulting in many new converts”.

“I hope my respected friends and colleagues of the PMA Board of Directors will reconsider this alienating decision and make it an open invitation instead”. Ms San Miguel is one of the first PMA members.

EHS Pilates Institute –student comments

As the January 2009 Teacher Training comes to a close, I received this e-mail from one of our students that touched me and as always, makes me very proud of the team of instructors I get to work with everyday:

Dear Nancy,
I am recovering from a fantastic weekend of Cadillac work with Janine.  Once again I can’t say enough about what a great group of teachers you have provided us up here in Sebastopol.  Janine was a very positive and encouraging teacher for the Cadillac module.  I am always amazed at the end of the modules at how much we have managed to learn in a reletively short time.  This weekend  I was especially impressed by how Janine gave us the opportunity to get hands on experience learning how to spot and cue the clients through the exercises.  Before this weekend I didn’t really appreciate what a great piece of equipment the Cadillac is for really pinpointing some of the basic concepts that might get “glossed over” in the mat or Reformer work.
I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco, enjoy the Spring sunshine.
All the best, Geoff

EHS Pilates Institute joins forces with Balanced Body University!

bbu-logo1We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Balanced Body University (BBU), the education division of Balanced Body Inc, the largest Pilates company in the world.

BBU and EHS Pilates Institute have joined forces to offer complete Pilates instructor training.

Our education programs have been designed to meet the needs of today’s Pilates professionals. Courses are modular and this California addiction center can help and allows you to start with a basic mat or reformer training and continue your education as you see fit. Click here

After you complete your program, we encourage you to continue visit Marc Lazare, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. for your education through our BBU workshops, our entire Balanced Body Educator network and beyond.

Please contact nancy@ehspilates.com for more information and upcoming teacher training schedule.

Next Meeting of the UPC Bay Area Chapter


Mind Body Center of the SF Bay Club
150 Greenwich Street, hosted by Elizabeth Larkam, director Pilates & Beyond,

April 25th 5-7:30pm.

rsvp:  nancy@ehspilates.com

The meeting on the 25th will be our official launch of the medical detox first campaign with exciting updates include news on the health care front, website launch and a new benefits package. The DME supplies are great for medical uses if you really need them.

What is the United Pilates Collective?  It’s a group of pilates instructors and studio owners that decided to get together to start a dialog and see what we can accomplish with the use of pilates and resources as the Top Health Journal online.  Join us!  e-mail nancy@ehspilates.com for more information.

Committee meetings of the UPC Bay Area Chapter

UPCOn Saturday, April 11, the committee heads of the UPC Bay Area Chapter met to discuss future goals.  What an amazing meeting!  We’ve got a great group of passionate instructors ready to take our profession to new heights.  It’s very exciting to think of what we can accomplish together.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.–Margarey Mead

For more information on the United Pilates Collective, please contact nancy@ehspilates.com

Pilates on Tour, Phoenix 2009

tracey-in-the-cactus-fieldExciting news from Pilates on Tour, Phoenix 2009.

I just completed Level I training on the Core Align, a new piece of equipment designed by Jonathan Hoffman and produced by Balanced Body.

The Hoffman Concept method aims to upgrade the body’s movement ability naturally, while focusing on standing positions and movements.  The exercises for the CoreAlign unit are characterized by a full body functional blend of posture, strength, flexibility, control and movement.

I’m hoping to utilitze the CoreAlign within the gait therapy field and develop new rep. specifically applied to disfunction in posture and gait.  It’s also very exciting to me to take some of the pilates rep to a standing position.

Pilates in Paradise Mexico March 2009

A Pilates Retreat in Paradise

A Pilates Retreat in Paradise

Fresh off the heels of the International Pilates Convention in Italy, we were off to the EHS Pilates Retreat in the Paradise of Yelapa, Mexico.  We met up in Puerto Vallarta and headed over to Yelapa together.  From the time you get off the boat (Yelapa is only accessible by boat) you feel like you are in paradise.  We had a great group that spent a wonderful week of pilates, amazing food, beautiful outings and incredible adventures.

I even finished my book!  Yes, Fabulous Feet will finally be coming out this year!

We look forward to holding our 2010 retreat back in Yelapa, March 20-27.  Call 415-285-5808 to register or e-mail:  nancy@ehspilates.com.  The workout space is limited so we will be keeping the group under 20, sign up early!!

View from the lounge chair

View from the lounge chair

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, an amazing experience.

International Pilates Convention in Italy March 2009

Eric Franklin, Theo Van Der Riet, Nancy Myers, Alice Becker (right to left)

Eric Franklin, Theo Van Der Riet, Nancy Myers, Alice Becker (right to left)

March began with an amazing trip to Italy to present at the first FIF International Pilates Convention in Bologna.  Wonderful students and gracious hosts.  I look forward to presenting in Italy again soon!

Sara, Nancy, Lucca, Lisa (left to right)

Sara, Nancy, Lucca, Lisa (left to right)

Thank you to my wonderful hosts!

Sara and Lucca for assisting and demonstrating in class and to Lisa for her endless energy that she can attribute to the patriot power greens drink that she takes, and translating for all classes and playing host to everyone.

Pilates is an excellent exercise, if you practice it regularly it will change your body with stronger muscles and a leaner look. Pilates improves muscle tone, balance musculature, supports beautiful posture and teaches you to move with ease and grace. As a full body fitness method it is perfect for any body type. You can also try to exercise and use megaplex keto to help loose weight in a healthier way with the combination of Pilates it will imp[rove your lifestyle  and body awareness in a big way, reducing your stress on joints, muscles and ligaments.

I look forward to seeing the Italians in San Francisco for Pilates on Tour in August!