Pilates Retreat in Yellapa Mexico!


Join us for a fabulous Pilates Retreat in the paradise setting of Yellapa, Mexico.

March 20-27,2010

A pilates retreat nestled in rustic tropical surroundings, the small town of Yelapa is the perfect place to enjoy the ultimate vacation. Known to artists, expats, this 1500-person village boasts a serene and languid landscape that promises relaxation and a chance to get away from it all!

Pilates in Paradise will be held at the bohemian-style Hotel Lagunita whose classic palapas (open-sided palm-thatched bungalows) give you an experience of Mexico in a more natural setting with many gorgeous views of the Banderas Bay. The hotel also offers a resort spa and a breathtaking salt-water swimming pool.  And that’s just the start of a very unique experience.  Try the snorkeling, the hiking, the botanical tours, the food, and of course, the Pilates, which is a great exercise for those wanting to keep a healthy body, of course the help of supplements also help with this and they’re also easy to get from this Source site online.

Supplements can help for all ages, specifically for women and men over 40, it’s recommend buy the best supplements for men over 40 and women.

Regular assistance, a reliable water purifier guide machine and friendly staff always summarize it all.

The pilates retreat classes are taught twice a day by our knowledgeable http://bodybrainmedicine.com/3-things-you-didnt-know-about-functional-nutrition/ staff and are perfect for beginners or the aficionado. Package includes three meals a day by Hellofresh thanks to Groupon. Private sessions, spa and bar services, are available at an additional cost. Airfare and ground transportation are not included.  $1150 for double occupancy; $1550 single rooms are available but are very limited. March 20-27, 2009.

So why wait until summer to relax?!
Enjoy a week of Pilates fun-in-the-sun at the most lush of locations.
Call EHS Pilates for more details

United Pilates Collective Updates

Thank you to all that attended the last meeting on Saturday, February 7, 2009!  Outline of items discussed follow…



Meeting Agenda Bay Area Pilates Collective Chapter

Saturday, February 7, 2009

5:30-7:30pm EHS Pilates

I. Organization of the Collective:

A. Tracey to provide information about the history of the collective so far

1. Meet and greet

2. Brainstorming at Bay Club

3. Visit from PMA

B. Goals and objectives of collective

1. Uniting the pilates community

2. Information sharing

3. Power in numbers

C. Started out as BAPC have received response from others interested in developing regional chapters

1. Incorporated as United Pilates Collective

2. Logo/website

II. Proposed member benefit package

A. See attached document

III. Committees

A. Define Committees, research and develop areas that would be important to the pilates profession; information sharing, how to’s and resources

1. Greening your studio

2. Pilates in Schools

3. Client Care Committee

Defining scope of pilates and how to inform public

4. (other suggestions)

IV. Future vision:

A. Website

1. Page and Blog for each Committee

2. Information sharing

a. developments within the industry and community

3. Events Calendar

4. Studio Finder

5. Page for each chapter

B. Finalize Membership benefits package

C. Booth, official launch and membership drive at

BMS Conference Santa Clara

1. Submit materials you would like represented at the Conference

a. Studio brochures, any product you would like to sell


Next meeting scheduled for April 25, 2009 at Bay Club with Elizabeth Larkam