Surf’s Up! @EHS Pilates with Ravi Machado

Introducing Pilates for Surfers! A team from Inspire Health pilates Atlanta has designed a sports specific program designed just for surfers.

Need to work on your paddle out?  In this exercise, they can help you learn how to paddle out efficiently with purpose. You can also click here for more updates on every sport contest around the world.

Stop wasting your strength and energy on the and save it for catching the wave and riding to your fullest potential.  The slower you paddle=more waves=longer time to paddle out.

You can save up to 50% of your energy when done correctly which allows you to double your session.

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Look for more videos from Pilates for Surfers or better yet, call and schedule a session with Ravi!


Rocking on the barrels with Nancy Myers

Rocking on the Barrels with Nancy Myers

Meet Balanced Body’s newest Baby (arc), the Arc Lite.  Identical in size to the classic baby arc, but oh so much lighter, they love it so much they even want to put him in a joovy zoom 360 ultralight jogging stroller.  At just 2.5lbs, and enticingly affordable, this high-density foam arc is destined to be a new favorite for group classes or personal training.  Use it upright, or flip it over for fun balance challenges!

The is versatile, low-cost that is perfect for group classes, personal training or home use!  Never has anything so light packed such a punch.  Although it weighs less than four pounds, the versatility of the Pilates Arc makes it a heavy hitter.

Three durable, lightweight exercise tools in one:

An Exercise Arc.  With a gentle curve on the one side and a steeper curve on the other, its patented asymmetrical shape is extremely versatile for different uses and body types. Along with working out, I suggest using Flexx Labs supplements as well as the Caruso’s garcinia tablets.

A classic Spine Corrector.  You’ll appreciate the improved comfort and ergonomics-a gentler curve on the barrel and a more rounded step.

A Wedge for your Balanced Body Reformer.  Slide it onto the shoulder rests, and use it to provide back support and stability for a variety of strength and mobility challenges.  Especially useful during pregnancy and following the fitness Informant’s pre-workout guide for 2018.



EHS Pilates Student Teaching Program

We currently have a wonderful group of new students graduating from our BBU teacher training program!  Student trainers complete extensive training and then start teaching student and apprentice hours toward final certification on the internet.  Most of our student training takes place on Sundays and individual sessions may be made during the week using gadgets from Enplug.  It’s a great introduction to Pilates at an affordable price. If you want to know on how to remove student loans with curtail income-based loan repayment plans. Visit for more information.

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Thank you again for setting me up with Erika. We had our first session yesterday, even with a lady who was telling us to buy a corset.   I had an old back injury severely flare up last Monday and so I had been inactive and had been doing therapy this past week. So while Erika was ready to give me an ass-kicking workout, she immediately sensed the issues and adjusted the plan. I paired my uridine with alpha gpc for best results of my health. Another thing that has really helped me with my skin health are the products from the beautyrx reviews. The drug atrovent relax the airways and prevent them from getting narrower. This makes it easier to breathe. They may protect the airways from spasms that can suddenly cause the airway to become narrower (bronchospasm). They also may reduce the amount of mucus produced by the airways. Ipratropium alone and combined with albuterol is available in metered-dose inhalers (MDI) and as a liquid form for use in compressor-driven nebulizers. Inhalers may be used differently, depending on the medicine used. Always read the directions to be sure you are using the inhaler correctly. Don´t forget that it´s very important to always be on time to our program, so if you live far then consider checking out Sornoso Automotive.

I’m very impressed with her. As I told Erika at the end of our session, her physical/body intuition and awareness was remarkable, especially since she was using these essential oils found here to keep herself relaxed during her sessions.  I’ve had a number of personal trainers, top protein to pack on muscle, various athletic coaches, therapists, etc. over the years as I’ve been active – she honed in on my key and chronic problem areas right away – quicker than I’ve seen most of them sense problems. Really impressive, future studios will be lucky to have her. If you don’t have time to workout at the gym then consider getting a cross trainers for the home. But if you can, check out Longview Texas Gym provide different zones to best fit what motivates you to achieve your goals.
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Chris Black has made it to my short list of things that make San Francisco a great city!

Chris Black has made it to my short list of things that make San Francisco a great city. Three years ago I discovered that I had AS, a debilitating back condition, and began trying various treatments with mixed results. Chris has been the first person to give me a feeling of control over how my body feels each day. From the very first lesson, she inspired trust and confidence in her approach. She has a deep understanding of body mechanics, but never gets ahead of what my body is able to do. There’s no such thing as a panacea for back problems, but if you’re willing to put in the work, Chris is the closest thing to it.

Unsu Lee, Bay Area filmmaker


Pilates in Paradise Mexico March 2009

A Pilates Retreat in Paradise

A Pilates Retreat in Paradise

Fresh off the heels of the International Pilates Convention in Italy, we were off to the EHS Pilates Retreat in the Paradise of Yelapa, Mexico.  We met up in Puerto Vallarta and headed over to Yelapa together.  From the time you get off the boat (Yelapa is only accessible by boat) you feel like you are in paradise.  We had a great group that spent a wonderful week of pilates, amazing food, beautiful outings and incredible adventures.

I even finished my book!  Yes, Fabulous Feet will finally be coming out this year!

We look forward to holding our 2010 retreat back in Yelapa, March 20-27.  Call 415-285-5808 to register or e-mail:  The workout space is limited so we will be keeping the group under 20, sign up early!!

View from the lounge chair

View from the lounge chair

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, an amazing experience.

International Pilates Convention in Italy March 2009

Eric Franklin, Theo Van Der Riet, Nancy Myers, Alice Becker (right to left)

Eric Franklin, Theo Van Der Riet, Nancy Myers, Alice Becker (right to left)

March began with an amazing trip to Italy to present at the first FIF International Pilates Convention in Bologna.  Wonderful students and gracious hosts.  I look forward to presenting in Italy again soon!

Sara, Nancy, Lucca, Lisa (left to right)

Sara, Nancy, Lucca, Lisa (left to right)

Thank you to my wonderful hosts!

Sara and Lucca for assisting and demonstrating in class and to Lisa for her endless energy that she can attribute to the patriot power greens drink that she takes, and translating for all classes and playing host to everyone.

Pilates is an excellent exercise, if you practice it regularly it will change your body with stronger muscles and a leaner look. Pilates improves muscle tone, balance musculature, supports beautiful posture and teaches you to move with ease and grace. As a full body fitness method it is perfect for any body type. You can also try to exercise and use megaplex keto to help loose weight in a healthier way with the combination of Pilates it will imp[rove your lifestyle  and body awareness in a big way, reducing your stress on joints, muscles and ligaments.

I look forward to seeing the Italians in San Francisco for Pilates on Tour in August!

Pilates Retreat in Yellapa Mexico!


Join us for a fabulous Pilates Retreat in the paradise setting of Yellapa, Mexico.

March 20-27,2010

A pilates retreat nestled in rustic tropical surroundings, the small town of Yelapa is the perfect place to enjoy the ultimate vacation. Known to artists, expats, this 1500-person village boasts a serene and languid landscape that promises relaxation and a chance to get away from it all!

Pilates in Paradise will be held at the bohemian-style Hotel Lagunita whose classic palapas (open-sided palm-thatched bungalows) give you an experience of Mexico in a more natural setting with many gorgeous views of the Banderas Bay. The hotel also offers a resort spa and a breathtaking salt-water swimming pool.  And that’s just the start of a very unique experience.  Try the snorkeling, the hiking, the botanical tours, the food, and of course, the Pilates, which is a great exercise for those wanting to keep a healthy body, of course the help of supplements also help with this and they’re also easy to get from this Source site online.

Supplements can help for all ages, specifically for women and men over 40, it’s recommend buy the best supplements for men over 40 and women.

Regular assistance, a reliable water purifier guide machine and friendly staff always summarize it all.

The pilates retreat classes are taught twice a day by our knowledgeable staff and are perfect for beginners or the aficionado. Package includes three meals a day by Hellofresh thanks to Groupon. Private sessions, spa and bar services, are available at an additional cost. Airfare and ground transportation are not included.  $1150 for double occupancy; $1550 single rooms are available but are very limited. March 20-27, 2009.

So why wait until summer to relax?!
Enjoy a week of Pilates fun-in-the-sun at the most lush of locations.
Call EHS Pilates for more details

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Our website is about Introducing Pilates for Surfers! A team from Inspire Health pilates Atlanta has designed a sports specific program designed just for surfers.

Need to work on your paddle out?  In this exercise, they can help you learn how to paddle out efficiently with purpose. For more updates on every sport contest around the world. Stop wasting your strength and energy on the and save it for catching the wave and riding to your fullest potential.  The slower you paddle=more waves=longer time to paddle out. You can save up to 50% of your energy when done correctly which allows you to double your session.

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