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EHS holds Community Christmas Bazaar and Chili Cookoff

Mindy Ross Photography exhibit: Dec 5, 2009 through Jan 31, 2009

Fire Relief

On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day at 5:45pm, a fire broke out on Valencia Street in San Francisco, two doors down from EHS Pilates. The four alarm fire displaced 60 of our neighbors.

In response, EHS Pilates, spearheaded by trainer Christopher Nelson, launched a week-long fundraiser and drive. We held pilates classes all week and donated 100% of proceeds to the American Red Cross. The effort culminated in a “Pilates in the Park” BBQ and raffle on Sunday, March 30th at 1:30.

We were so touched by the generosity of our trainers, clients, neighbors and community as a whole. We had over 75 incredible donations from local retailers for our raffle, food was donated by local markets, labor volunteers came from the neighboring Teen Challenge, Dolores Park Church and local celeb M.C. Jon Fast.


Our event was wonderful, I have attached some photos as well as other articles that were written about the fire.  We raised funds of over $5,500 that went directly to our displaced neighbors.

EHS Mission Collective

The owners of EHS Pilates would like to invite you to our next “Mission Collective” party!
EHS Mission Collective is a bi-anual party that showcases local artists, musicans and performance artists. We feature 2 local artists  and have live performers and DJ’s at each event. The parties are super fun and have been known to go on all night.

Pride Parade Float

EHS is in the San Francisco Pride Parade!

That’s right folks . . . a parade, TEAM EHS was very excited to be a part of this landmark event that celebrates community and diversity.

We strutted our stuff in this landmark event that celebrates diversity within the community. Our fabulous physio ball routine was choreographed by Jessica Fudim and Christopher Nelson and performed by the EHS All-Stars. Our fun sparkley float cruised down Market Street in celebration of community and diversity. “Come Play on Our Balls!”

Tracey Sylvester

Tracey Sylvester

Tracey started her Pilates career when she joined EHS as a business manager in 2004. In 2007 She purchased the business from Ellie Herman along with her business partner Nancy. As of 2016 Tracey is the sole owner of EHS and is looking forward to applying for Legacy Business Status in SF in a few years. Tracey has completed her teacher training journey and is currently training as an apprentice.

Before her time at EHS, she had worked in the optical industry for over fifteen years as a general manager, media spokesperson, new business developer, and a licensed optician. Tracey also works in the service industry and has a passion for food and wine; volunteering for 18 Reasons and Slow Food Nation which keeps her current in farm to table education and trends in the movement. She now bartends a few days a week at the American Conservatory Theater. Tracey is a 20 year resident of the Mission District and has been dancing for the local go-go dance group The Devil-Ettes, off and on, as The Rebel, since 1998.

In 2007 She is the co-founded the United Pilates Collective, which existed to create a dynamic community that provides benefits, business support and information sharing for the Pilates professional. Tracey’s passion is to bring a sense of community to EHS Pilates and give her clients an oasis from the day-to-day city grind. Tracey also believes that a Pilates studio can be fully integrated by incorporating a wellness center; focusing on energy, health, and strength. Expanding on that vision she launched the EHS Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga program in 2017. She is passionate about the EHS Mission Collective  periodic events at EHS; bringing the SF art, music and performance community together to celebrate neighborhood, community and culture.

Tracey has been serving as a Board Member of the Mission Merchant Association and a Member of the Valencia Corridor Merchant Association. Both rolls keeps her finger on the pulse of the neighborhood and allows her the opportunity to effect positive changes in the community she calls home.


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Andrea Scarabelli

Andrea Scarabelli

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Blane Ashby

Blane Ashby

Blane has been practicing and studying Pilates since 1998 and was certified through the Ellie Herman Institute in 2002.

While the majority of his time is spent teaching at Parkside Pilates he also teaches at EHS Pilates Studio. From 2003 to present has been a Faculty Instructor of the Teacher Training Instructor Program (TTIP) at the Ellie Herman Institute acting as co-head of the program.

In 2007, he became a certified Balanced Body Faculty Instructor. Along with one-to-one fitness training he specializes in injury prevention and recovery. Blane has had much success in assisting and creating programs for clients in their post recovery and injury prevention goals. Through out the week Blane teaches quite a few Pilates based group classes.

His popular classes promote a non-competitive atmosphere while challenging the student to reach their fullest potential. Focus of the classes include precision, control, stability, core strength, increasing flexibility all the while promoting enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.

Pilates can be quite challenging but should be fun too! Blane has been a dancer for the past 20 years and has performed with Company Chaddick, Huckabay/McAllister Dance, EmSpace Dance, Dance Continuum SF, and 13th Floor Dance Theater.

Balanced Body University

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Chris Black

Chris Black

Chris has over 13 years of experience teaching Pilates in the Bay Area. Chris Black was certified by Ellie Herman, and has done extensive rehabilitation training with Lizz Roman. She also has studied with Jennifer Stacey and Carol LeMaitre.

Chris is also skilled in working with women through all stages of pregnancy, including post-natal.

Chris Black has made it to my short list of things that make San Francisco a great city. Three years ago I discovered that I had AS, a debilitating back condition, and began trying various treatments with mixed results. Chris has been the first person to give me a feeling of control over how my body feels each day. From the very first lesson, she inspired trust and confidence in her approach. She has a deep understanding of body mechanics, but never gets ahead of what my body is able to do. There’s no such thing as a panacea for back problems, but if you’re willing to put in the work, Chris is the closest thing to it.
– Unsu Lee, Bay Area filmmaker

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